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I want to thank everyone for coming out, braving the elements, and especially for helping to make AnarCon the best libertarian festival in the woods! We managed to pull off a spontaneous order of incredible moments and memories that will last us forever. We’ve come a long way since 2015 when we were just a few ragtag Virginian friends hanging out by a campfire to now reaching many times that in attendance, with blazing fireworks that never seem to end, amazing bands & performances that did go on until sunrise, and all held together by the bonds we share for liberty. I’m blessed to be able to go to an event where I can hang out with a great many of my friends. You were all incredible. Special thanks for the AnarCon crew that did their part making sure the festival train was on track and kept on rolling, and to those that added their touch to make it memorable. For those that couldn’t make it know that you were in my thoughts. I hope you can join us next year. For AnarCon 2021 I’m definitely going to need a bigger crew as the size continues to grow.

Live, Love, Liberate!

– Kal Molinet

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