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Here we discuss peaceful parenting or, free-range parenting with my guests, Sean and Anton. Anton has a 12 year old whom he treats much like an adult, but still makes sure that his child is respectful. It is important to be understanding towards children and to respect them and treat them as adults but to also realize that while they should be allowed to figure things out for themselves, we still need to help protect them. Not allowing children to experience the world causes them to be sheltered and hinders development.

When we teach people that certain substances are taboo, we actually put those substances on a pedestal so to speak and make them even more intriguing. One thing that we also touch on in this video is substance abuse and addiction; how it stems from boredom and lack of stimulation. One thing that those anti-drug campaigns had right was the idea of an “anti-drug.”

Raising children to understand consent and to understand that their consent matters, no matter how trivial it may be is the key to creating a flourishing free society. Peaceful parenting and free-range parenting are the solutions to ending the cycle of statism. Let your kids choose their own path, their own beliefs, their own ideas and philosophies. Let’s raise well-rounded children who can relate to others on any level. Diversity. Depth. Peace. Love. Liberty. Free-range. All range. Gun range.


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