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*This is hypothetical and should not be taken as a substitute for political or legal advice*

This is a Complaint (Initiates lawsuit) for Plaintiff Pro Se (Individuals Representing themselves) litigants who want to file lawsuits in the Circuit Court (requires $25,000 or more in damages). This sample is for a car accident, but you can change it to allege whatever facts you choose, just be sure to research the elements of each tort action. Also Richmond Circuit Court is one of the only courts in Virginia that requires you to put “John Marshall Courts Building” under the initial line, most municipalities do not require anything underneath the Heading.

Lastly this complaint needs to be accompanied by the “civil cover sheet” which can be found on the virginia court website as well as the initial fee to file the lawsuit. Also must have 1 copy of everything for the court and each defendant. Also you can choose to have the sheriff serve the defendants or you can hire a private process server, but if you hire the sheriff, you need to include that fee with the rest of the fees.

**** YOU do not need to serve defendants right away, sometimes people will file the lawsuit to simply preserve the statute of limitations from running out. Typically you have 6 months to serve the defendants, but if you need more time, you can file a non-suit order which will give you another 6 months. If you do not serve the defendants right away, it could give you enough time to find an attorney for your case.

Download Complaint sample here

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