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June 26, 2015 boasted a big win for a lot of people who reside in the United Tax Farms of America. The Supreme Court ruled that same gender couples would be allowed to marry throughout the land. Now of course I support equality, but I can’t be too pleased that the entity “giving” these rights to people is the same one who wouldn’t allow them in the first place. Statists only ever see the tip of the iceberg.

The concept of marriage has existed since even the Roman Empire in which they had two types of marriage; traditional and non-traditional. Both were widely accepted. In those times it existed primarily for wealth and prestige. When Christianity was introduced, the Christians ended up incorporating many of the Roman ideas of marriage into their own culture.

Until the mid 19th century, common law marriages were valid in the United States. Today, Alabama, Colorado, Kansas, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Iowa, Montana, Utah and Texas recognize common-law marriages. Common law marriage requirements vary by state, but the primary rule is that the couple must cohabitate for a certain number of years. For the most part, the same rules apply to common law marriages, except of course that one does not expressly ask permission from the slave rulers.

Marriage licenses became mandatory in order to exclude people from marriage based on the color of their skin, their health and of course, sexual orientation. In the late 1800s, the government as well as some of its chattel, became so concerned with the idea that black and white people might marry each other that they felt the need to put a stop to it by requiring that married couples must register with the state.

Many states used to require a blood test before marriage to test for Sexually Transmitted Infections; believe it or not, some still do. Several sources claim that D.C requires a blood test from both parties, Montana’s official website says that they only require one from the female (or both females I would assume now due to the recent ruling). Several websites have claimed that New York requires a blood test from Blacks and Latinos to test for Sickle Cell as recent as 2008, although NY.Gov claims that they no longer do.

As you can see, the traditional idea of marriage in the United States is founded on bigotry and it still exists in many forms today. One must realize that permission need not be asked from the master. Essentially, a marriage license is a contract, so if two people want to get married, they can do so without the state being involved. Don’t forget that the Blockchain can be used to solidify such contracts. If you don’t support bigotry, then don’t support state-authorized marriage.


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