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Over the past couple of years, social inequality, particularly in terms of police brutality and racial hatred has become more and more prevalent in the news. Social Justice Warriors have often voiced their concerns that discrimination would run rampant in a free society, but I wholeheartedly disagree and with good reason. With no government controls, the market would actually cut down on a considerable amount of such blind hatred; if not eliminate it entirely.

Let me begin by asking the audience a question: How many people do you know who actually hate people of a different race, orientation or gender? I don’t mean ignorant people, although I agree that those people do need a change in perspective. My primary concern right now is people who actually aim to take away from those that they personally deem inferior for some reason or another. From my experience, I would say that there aren’t too many of these people and they actually seem to exist for the most part in positions of power. Those fueled by such hatred seem to gravitate towards jobs like law enforcement so that they can use their shiny badge as an excuse to execute their hatred. This solution is simple. If we privatize security, no one will want to pay for a company’s service that has a reputation of being unfair. Most of these incidents wouldn’t even occur in the first place because racial profiling would not even come into play, as cops would not be patrolling the streets. In a free society, security would only be called when an issue actually arose, or there may be security patrolling the grounds of a community. The chances of a racist community existing would be unlikely and if it did, the likelihood of someone entering that community knowing that they would be targeted would be extremely slim.

A window sticker on a downtown Indianapolis business, Wednesday, March 25, 2015, shows its objection to the Religious Freedom bill passed by the Indiana legislature. Organizers of a major gamers' convention and a large church gathering say they're considering moving events from Indianapolis over a bill that critics say could legalize discrimination against gays. (AP Photo/Michael Conroy)Now here comes the slightly trickier part. There have also been businesses in the news somewhat recently that have openly denied service to individuals particularly based on their sexual orientation. Personally, I feel as though a business has the right to deny service to whomever they please for whatever reasons. However, even now we see many of those individuals as well as allies refusing to do business with such companies. We’ve also seen the other side of it where people are actually supporting this move. Here’s the thing though: a business would have to set up shop on land that they already own (in their own community) or land purchased from someone else. In a free society, when you make a contractual agreement with someone it will outline the dos and don’ts. Much like how a mall would want only businesses that can attract customers to their mall to set up shop, a community would not want a company who discriminates to represent them and be on their turf.

As you can see from these examples, it would not be cost effective for people to be disenfranchised in a society driven by a free market. Yes, it is possible that there may be a community here or there that is bigoted, but they will isolate themselves. They will not be allowed into the other communities, their rules will not affect the other communities. They will probably not last for too long as they will be very small and unable to sustain themselves due to lack of others to trade with. One should not underestimate the power of social ostracism. But as long as we allow for the government to hire people who want to use that power for their own agendas, these injustices will continue. If you want to be surrounded by like-minded people who are fair, cooperative and supportive of each other, then break the chains with which government has enslaved you.


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