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Liberate RVA invites you to our monthly freedom gathering at Fallout! Be a part of a growing community working towards liberating our city from government tyranny.

Do you hate having your wealth, property, and productivity stolen from you in the name of “taxation”? Do you hate driving on roads laden with ever-increasing potholes? Have you or anyone you’ve known been arrested by the growing police state for a victimless crime? Does it make you angry to know that the United States has the highest number of prisoners in the world, or that the dollar in your pocket has lost over 96% of its value? Are you frustrated with the failures of politics and lying politicians that’ll say anything to get elected? Then this is the place for you. Let’s network and share solutions for a better Richmond, for a free society based on consent.

8:00 p.m. — Community Discussion on Liberation
Let’s pool our brilliant minds and discuss ways to help plant the seeds of freedom in our city. We’ll also be outlining our goals for the year.

9:30 p.m. — Devil’s Advocate
Do you have questions about how a free and voluntary society would work in the absence of a government monopoly on roads, law, security, currency, first-class mail, distilled spirits, etc.? Perhaps you would like to sharpen your arguments against the logical fallacies of both left and right wing politics? Then this is definitely the place to be in order to develop and improve your art of rhetoric.

10:00 p.m. — They Live After Party
Obey. Submit. Never Question Authority.

*A caravan ride will be provided from Monroe Park in front of the Cathedral steps on N. Laurel St. at 7:30 p.m.

**We have plenty of crashing space at the Nevermore Anarchy Garden for those traveling or for those too tired from having philosophical fun!

About Fallout: 117 N 18th Street, Richmond VA 23223
Fallout is a private, 18+, adult alternative club. Dress code is all black or matching the They Live theme. We’ll be providing guest passes to those who do not posses membership. Dress to impress!

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