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What would the world look like if hard work was rewarded and sociopathy was punished? What would the world look like if savers were rewarded with increased purchasing power? What would the world look like if people and companies paid for their mistakes without passing the devastating cost of their faulty decisions to the taxpayers in the forms of bailouts, protectionist laws, cartelized monopolies, and State subsidies? What would the world look like if children were not imprisoned for 12 years in “government schools” and indoctrinated with State approved propaganda? What would the world look like if parents did not employ the same authoritarian violence known as corporal punishment to “raise” their kids about the world that “government” uses to enforce its threats and commands? What would the world look like if people did not believe they were superior to other people just because of the particular piece of dirt they happened to be born on? What would the world look like if people did not label foreigners defending their land “terrorists”, “religious fundamentalist”, or “radical insurgents”? What would the world look like if people did not label aggressors from one’s own country who invade foreign land as “freedom fighters”, “purveyors of liberty”, or “spreading democracy”? What would the world look like if the potential capital for product innovation and development was not stolen, through regulation and taxation, by thieving bureaucrats?


These are only a few questions in my mind that scrape the surface of the endless ways that humanity’s potential for greatness has been stifled and suppressed by “government”. Now I cannot blame all of this on “government” as that would be an oversight of the highest order. We outnumber our oppressors many times over and we are all human beings capable of deductive reasoning and critical analysis. Therefore if our potential for wondrous things is impeded and asphyxiated we have only ourselves to blame. A few hundred sociopaths cannot conceivably physically subjugate 313 million who resist. It is only possible when the oppressed have forgotten or have accepted their servitude as being self-evident and the natural order of things. When the people believe it is necessary to forfeit 1/3 of their annual income to “government” it will continue to be stolen. When the people continue to believe the “Islamic fundamentalists” hate us for our freedoms the wars will continue to be waged. When the people continue to believe their children are being educated in the indoctrination camps known as “government schools” they will continue to exist.

 government spending pig 2

We need “government” in the same manner that a man needs a tapeworm. The State is a myth conjured by the clever sociopaths over the obedient and gullible. Some say “But without the State who would build the roads, protect us from foreign invaders, educate our children, mail pieces of paper, print pieces of paper to be used as currency etc?” The answer to this lies in each of us. We need to stop looking to the mythical patriarchal entity known as “government” to solve our problems and instead look to our community, each other, and ourselves. It might have been similarly asked of the abolitionist of the early 19th century, “But without the slaves, who will pick the cotton?” We will of course!


Society’s needs comes before the individual’s needs.

Adolf Hitler


We must stop thinking of the individual and start thinking about what is best for society.

Hillary Clinton



Just do good things


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