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Celebrate Anarchy Day!

Let’s plant the seeds of freedom in our community by celebrating Anarchy Day on the fourth of July!

What is Anarchy?

“Anarchism is the world around you devoid of the onslaught of wars, the centralized planning of human lives, and the kidnapping and caging of innocent people for victimless crimes.

From planting the seeds of freedom through peaceful parenting and engaging in counter-economics through agorism, anarchism is comprised of a community of individual people that value voluntaryism over coercion, rules without rulers, the non-aggression principle against the initiation of force, and freedom over statism. It is from this combination of consistent and moral principles that we find anarchy not as a place or destination, but as a way of life.

To be an anarchist is to have the courage, integrity, and dignity to stand up for ourselves and those we love and care about in our community in the face of government tyranny and social injustice, so that, one day, when we finally achieve real freedom, the next generation of humanity will never be forcefully born into the chains of tax slavery and the violent hegemonic culture of politics it creates.

As self-respecting individuals, we never beg for the freedoms that are rightfully ours since birth. We are not afraid to draw a moral line in our communities and say: ‘Enough is enough. Violence ends with me. Can you say the same?'” – Kal Molinet

A Message to You:

“It starts as a seed, a conception inspired by something or someone in our lives that causes us to question what we know. And like a seed that cannot live without a source of energy, we discover a hunger within ourselves that can no longer be satiated by the opinions or authority of others. We crave consistency and find ourselves seeking integrity not only within ourselves, but within our loved ones and the individuals that make up our communities. Our journey for truth and understanding begins as our hearts and minds sprout and, like leaves, begin to absorb the vitality of truth.

Resistance is inevitable, and at times the cruelties of love and unacceptance will also find themselves rooted deeply within our hearts. There will come a time to sever ties with those who would hamper our growth and infect the marrow in which we’ve nurtured our new-found prosperity. When facing such obstruction, we must look to the nourishment of others sharing our odyssey. From the ashes of affliction rises new life, and only en masse may we empower each other to flourish from the fragility of a seed to bursting trees of knowledge.

My friends, like a wildfire may you go forth and clear the brambles and briars for the planting of seeds within your own communities!” – Bugatti Veyron

On Anarchy Day, help end the cycle of violence by spreading awareness. Pass out fliers. Hold up signs. Show your community what a free and voluntary society looks likes.

Anyone who values the non-aggression principle and wants freedom in our lifetime can join, too. So invite your friends and family! And share with us the creative ways you’ll be celebrating this Freedom Holiday!

Educational Resources:

*Download, print, and share our Peaceful Parenting Pamphlet by the Liberate Family & Community!

*Download, print, and share our Voluntaryism Pamphlet by the Liberate Family & Community!

*Anarchy freedom pamphlet:
(coming soon)

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