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Voluntarism is everything the state is not. It is in fact the antithesis of the state and state action. It is a philosophy by which all human interaction is (and should be) undertaken and conducted on a non-violent, non-coercive, and voluntary basis. It is not business at the barrel of the ballot, the gun, the club, the taser, or the cage; it is people interacting and conducting themselves on a voluntary and discretionary basis. It is stability through plurality and the free market of ideas. The voluntaryist recognizes, internalizes, and expresses to the world the maxim that the initiation of force against others is inherently at its core, short sighted, mutually demeaning and dehumanizing, and immoral. What is sought through voluntarism is not a Revolution; revolution is more of the same of what we have now on a rotational basis, but what the voluntaryist seeks rather is an Evolution by which humanity is able to manifest its potential and to freely grow past the psychologically indoctrinated need for institutions and for the regulation and control of human thought and human action. As the butterfly grows and sheds its cocoon, it must break out so that it may fly, live, and be free.

Voluntarism peacefully and vehemently rebukes and refuses to participate in the pervasive, coercive, and destructive nature of the state and its violent means of political action by encouraging individuals to critically, empirically, and objectively examine and challenge the baseline assumptions inherent in the politics of the state and rejects the idea that using force against others as an offensive act of aggression, for whatever motive or necessity, undermines what it is to exist and what it is ultimately to be human beings.

If you are an individual who deals with people in the day to day by non-violent means, trade with others on a voluntary basis, share things willingly, allow others to think, act, or speak differently than you; if you feel that freedom is worth defending at any cost, if you feel there is value in the consideration and uplifting of others, if you feel that war is immoral, taxation is theft, if you look at the world around you and are confused and angry at the stark contrast between how the world is as you’ve experienced it vs. how you’re told how the world is by governments, media, and by social institutions, chances are… you’re already practicing voluntaryism, and you didn’t even know it.

– Panxer


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