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Lest children grow up to become tyrants, help plant the seeds of freedom by promoting Peaceful Parenting Day in our community.

Craft Party at the Maplewood Anarchy Garden: 1809 Maplewood Avenue
Come join us tomorrow evening at 8 p.m.! There will be a lot of craft making material for signs and 500 Peaceful Parenting pamphlets to fold.

Freedom Demonstration at the Compass: 901 Park Avenue
For Peaceful Parenting Day we’ll be gathering at the Compass in front of the VCU Cabell Library. Rendezvous begins at noon and lasts until we run out of freedom pamphlets to hand out. Bring more copies if you can!

Freedom Gathering at Oregon Hill: 605 Spring Street Unit P
We’ll be reconnecting again later in the evening at 8 p.m. for an after party at Alberto’s new home in Oregon Hill. BOYB.

Help remind our community that children are people, too.

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