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Let’s plant the seeds of freedom in our community by celebrating Peaceful Parenting Day on the third Monday of February!

What is Peaceful Parenting?

“Peaceful parenting is a recognition and respect of the full personhood embodied in children, and that children are rational human beings with their own emotions and preferences. There exists a huge disparity of power between parent and child; the peaceful parent recognizes this disparity, empathizes with their child’s relative impotence, and admits when they have abused that power. The parent’s relationship to the child is voluntary insofar as the parent chooses to reproduce, whereas the child has no choice who their parents will be; recognizing this the peaceful parent strives to be the parent their child would choose had they that choice.

The peaceful parent values honesty over deception, voluntary cooperation over coercion or bribery, and accepts that children emulate the modes of interaction modeled by their parents.

As Max Planck (the German theoretical physicist who originated quantum theory) said, ‘A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die, and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it.’ A world not defined by violence and cultural bigotry will be created by children who don’t speak the language of force.”
– John J. Durso

Where does all this violence in the world come from?

Ironically enough, the answer has always been literally under our noses, for you’ll find no greater imitators of life than in children. Like sponges, they absorb their cultural surroundings; and like mirrors, reflect those social norms and attitudes. From the bullying environment of government schools to being spanked at home, they learn from adults that violence is a way to solve problems in this world.

On Peaceful Parenting Day, help end the cycle of violence by spreading awareness. Pass out fliers. Hold up signs. Remind your community that children are people, too.

Anyone who values the non-aggression principle and wants freedom in our lifetime can join, too. So invite your friends and family! And share with us the creative ways you’ll be celebrating this Freedom Holiday!

Educational Resources:

*Download, print, and share our Peaceful Parenting Pamphlet by the Liberate RVA Community!

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