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Letter To The State:

I want you to know, State, that I will use my energy for the remainder of my days in pursuit of rooting you out into the light of day and exposing you for the rotton odoriferous illness you are. This unhealthy illness causing diet of pseudo media, gangster bankers, tyrannical rulers called politicians in concert with crony corporatism and the murderous standing military¬†that Jefferson warned us about, are the sypmtoms of the disease that is you, State. You’ve left your victims; humanity, from the time they are five years old and up trained to inform on their peers, family, and community to YOU for non-crimes all for the sake to feed you, State, and thus destroying much of humanity’s creativity; the very thing that I think makes my species very special. State, I want you to disappear like the last pages in the last book of some obscure religion of old and burn, then forever forgotten so no one will become infected by you ever again.

–¬†Freya Folkvangr

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