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Let’s plant the seeds of freedom in our community by celebrating Non-Aggression Day on the 11th of November!

What is the Non-Aggression Principle?

The non-aggression principle simply states that it’s wrong, immoral, and evil to use violence on another human being, regardless of how old or young they are (this includes spanking children). Violence is defined as using physical force, or the threat of, to place a person in an involuntary position without their consent or choice, i.e., rape, murder, theft, and assault.

Self-defense is not violence; it’s self-preservation. You have the right to defend yourself and others. Property rights begins with owning yourself, owning your body, and owning your actions. The risk of being socially ostracized by your entire community will become the best form of self-defense for anyone who wants to be apart of a free and stateless society.So how do you celebrate Non-Aggression Day?

You can participate by joining a contact sport like chess boxing, dodgeball, or wrestling! You can even play tag or have a water balloon fight in your neighborhood!

As long as the people involved in the activity voluntarily agrees with the rules, anything goes. No ear-biting Mike Tyson!

Anyone who values the non-aggression principle and wants freedom in our lifetime can join, too. So invite your friends! And share with us the creative ways you’ll be celebrating this Freedom Holiday!

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