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Let’s plant the seeds of freedom in our community by celebrating Philosopher’s Day on the second Monday of October!

What is Philosophy?

“There are two major disciplines, which help us dispel the corrosive cobwebs of social fictions and reach through them to grasp reality. The first is theoretical; the second is practical. The first discipline is logic, which is the process of organizing our thoughts in a systematic and non-contradictory manner. The second is science, which is the testing of logical theories against empirical observations. The union of these two disciplines is philosophy, which is in its fundamentals the testing of theories of knowledge against both logic and empirical observation. Logic will tell you that two plus two equals four; science will verify that placing two rocks next to two other rocks will result in an aggregation of four rocks. But it is philosophy that tells us that logic plus empirical testability are both key requirements to the establishment of the truth. It is philosophy that specifically rejects the primacy of faith, or the primacy of emotion, or the primacy of authority, or the primacy of age, or the primacy of preference, or the primacy of biology – or any of the other foolish and exploitive mechanisms that human beings have used as substitutes for logic and evidence in order to inflict “truth” on the helpless. Philosophy is the opposite of mythology. Or, more accurately, truth is the opposite of falsehood.” – Stefan Molyneux from Freedomain Radio

From existentialist writers like Fyodor Dostoevsky to objectivists like Ayn Rand, let’s share our love for wisdom together! Share with us who your favorite philosophers are and why on our Facebook Event wall. Share with us your recommendations for a good philosophical book to read, too! ::smiles::

Anyone who values the non-aggression principle and wants freedom in our lifetime can join, too. So invite your friends! And share with us the creative ways you’ll be celebrating this Freedom Holiday!

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