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Let’s plant the seeds of freedom in our community by celebrating Agorism Day on the first Monday of September!

What is Agorism?

“Agorism is the act of removing one’s self from government regulation and monopolized currency. It’s the idea that the exchange of products and services can be voluntary transactions in which all parties benefit without the heavy hand of the state reaching into your pockets. The end goal of The Agora is to starve the beast by making your productivity unavailable to their system,¬†which funds violence. This Agorist Day: you can help spread this philosophy by choosing to exchange with those who are participating in the counter-economy.”

– Your friendly neighborhood agorist from Stateless Sweets

Anyone who values the non-aggression principle and wants freedom in our lifetime can join, too. So invite your friends! And share with us the creative ways you’ll be celebrating this Freedom Holiday!

If you own a private businesses that promotes community shared values for non-violence, equality, and freedom you are more than welcome to post any special deals or sales on our Facebook Event wall or in the comment section of this post.

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