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Liberate RVA is now a proud supporter of the Richmond Zine Festival! We’re raising funds to help offset the costs of setting up and running the event. Any donation, from loose change to bills, would greatly be appreciated by your community.

About Richmond Zine Fest: “The Richmond Zine Fest is an annual event at which local and national (and perhaps even international if we’re so lucky) zinesters can gather to sell and trade their zines and network with other people in the zine community. The zine fest is not just for zine creators and distros.  It’s an open event for all ages with tablers selling zines as well as other DIY items, informative and fun workshops throughout the afternoon, and good times, food  and conversation in general.  This event happens every Fall–typically during the month of October.”

We’ll be collecting donations at every one of our Freedom Gathering events leading up to Zine Fest. And as a side note, we’re all very excited here to get started on making our own zines to share as well!

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