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Maplewood Anarchy Garden is proud to host another Freedom Gathering!

Did you know that the effects of child abuse, such as spanking, leads to a drop in I.Q. points? Creates a reduction in lifespan up to 20 years? Leads to a 48% greater chance of contracting cancer? Massive increases in drug addiction, alcoholism, criminality, suicidally, depression, anxiety, etc.?

Come find out more about the ‘True Roots of Human Violence’ by Stefan Molyneux at our Bomb in the Brain Discussion (8:00 p.m.) & After Party (9:30 p.m.) at our Anarchy Garden; an anarchist home and freedom center to help liberate our community from violence.

This is also an omnivorous potluck event (7:30 p.m.), so please bring a dish or drink to share with us. We’ll be lighting the fire pit afterwards in our backyard with fun selections of outdoor movies to watch on the projector screen.

So invite your friends! Anyone who values the non-aggression principle and wants freedom in our lifetime can join, too! If you’re from out of state, start your own Anarchy Garden and help plant the seeds of freedom in your community.

P.S. Come by an hour early if you would like to have a personal introduction in understanding what this freedom movement is all about.

Bugatti might make some of her infamous anarchy cookies again. Freedom never tasted so sweet!

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